About Brand Motive

The Brand Motive Agency has built its business and reputation on client relationships. We pride ourselves on helping clients fulfill their vision and transform marketing concepts and ideas into engaging experiences. We listen to what you need, we devise a strategy from the full vision down, and then provide you the professional guidance and service to help you attain those goals. Your goals are our goals…and your satisfaction is our primary concern at all times.


Our History

Brand Motive (formerly known as Enterprise Digital Media), was founded in 2001 with the primary focus of delivering clients a higher level of creative marketing solutions and result-focused web marketing strategies. Our early years were spent helping small businesses and political campaigns develop rapid, creative-based, results for web UI and marketing campaigns. Today we still develop those same creative-based campaigns and we also help clients build lasting search marketing results to get them positioned in front of their targeted audience. Over the past 15 years the technologies have changed vastly, but our commitment to our clients and drive for success, have remained the same.