Brand Motive’s new 100% Cloud Hosting!

I know it seems like we have been making a lot of announcements recently, but we have another big one. After much time, effort, stress, and with a ton of excitement that we want to announce our new 100% cloud SSD hosting services. We now offer a 100% cloud environment and completely Intel Enterprise managed!

All New SSD Storage: We wanted to be able to offer the fastest and most stable hosting solution possible and that meant that we need to be able to host on SSD or Solid State Drives. These SSD storage solutions make it so that your data loads 50x faster than traditional hosting, and our drives have zero moving parts…far less to ever go wrong!

Our Servers: Our servers feature a minimum of 24 Core CPUs and 96 -128 GB of RAM at minimum and are entirely Intel. Our hardware is all top of the line and designed specifically for cloud environments.

Maximum Uptime: We maintain 4 mirror copies of all of our accounts live in the cloud at all times and our 100% Intel Enterprise managed system automatically moves your service to another live version should there ever be a hardware failure. Our focus is fast, mission critical hosting services.

If you want more information about our new cloud and cloud hosting services, please feel free to visit our website for our hosting at, or contact us to move your hosting to Brand Motive!