Choosing the right social focus in today’s small biz world

Okay, so you are up and running as a company…small but killing it. You’ve already tailored the great idea and have it all ready, but social is kinda scary sometimes to tackle considering how time-consuming it is and wasting time with the wrong network is costly. With Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, GooglePlus (the list goes on) all serving a slightly different type of audience, it makes ensuring that you have chosen to focus your efforts where your efforts will have most bottom like effect.

I can’t tell you how to market your business, but I can tell you how we discuss projects with our clients. We ask them who their target audience is. Facebook, for instance, is really good for a more middle aged demographic looking to engage with companies, brands and friends. Obviously, Facebook has a very involved and active type of user a lot of the time, so this makes this network a great one to watch for engagement. Twitter is also one to keep an eye on as this is another where people like to engage with you. We always suggest that if your audience is more likely to want to “shop” or be less hands on, they might be found on Instagram or Pinterest where images and visual aesthetic is important

What we always recommend however is the use of something like HootSuite to help monitor and manage all of your social media platforms at once and ensure you never miss the opportunity to address company/brand messages and mentions quickly and efficiently. Either way, if we can help you in any way, please be sure to give us a shout, we are always happy to help answer any questions or lend a hand should you need it.

Top 5 random predictions…heck why not?

As the summer comes to a close, it had me thinking about what other things might be on the change around here pretty soon. Just like the world turns, things are going to change…it’s the way it goes, so we thought maybe on a friday towards the end of summer, we will make a less informational post (at least in the traditional sense) and share a few predictions that we have…so here goes:

5) Self Publishing Revolution: I am always blown away at why self publishing is handled by Facebook or Twitter. Why isn’t it easier to totally design, manage and share a full site with full functionality in a way that is easy. Easy enough that your GramGram can do it. Frankly it is time and there are a few services out there that are piloting this, but they aren’t quite there yet. Facebook opened a lot of doors, but I know a couple of up-and-comers that are going to change this world by helping people do just that!

4) Your Order Is Hovering Your Way: We have all heard that Amazon is going to ship you things “same day” with a drone…and yes, this is actually coming, but think if you will for a moment about instant delivery satisfaction. You can order that perfect snuggie that you always wanted in the zebra print with your Bama team logo, and now you can have it and be watching your favorite Bravo shows wearing it tonight!…or at least that is what they say is right around the corner and i’m believing it. Just yesterday I was shown an ad for cheap drones for under $150…and these were good, well-built products. Either way, the drone revolution is come and yes that sounds like a Star Wars line, but its true. Scary, but all those neat things from Star Wars and Star Trek are all becoming real!

3) Google Glass…Goodbye! I’m convinced (and this is just my own opinion), that Google Glass has seen its best days. I think people don’t love how easily privacy can be breached. I think people are longing for a little “unplugging” and and I think people think you look ridiculous wearing those goofy glasses. I think we just say that this one might not have been the best idea and move on to the iWatch…much better concept! Some things (like my good ol’ fashioned Ray Bans) don’t need tech-ifying!

2) Google Algorithm Changes: This is going to be no matter what. Google is always looking to refine their search engine rules and regulations and guess what, that is going to change the strategy for how you get yourself listed on their search engine. As we all know, everyone follows Google’s lead these days in search, and they know exactly how to keep us all trying to win the price at the ol’ fair. Google like the game to be a little bit like that ring toss game where the rings rarely ever find their way around the glass bottle. Okay, it maybe isn’t quite that difficult (at least not if you know how to play the game). The key is to be working with someone who knows how to play the game to get you results…this is us. Either way, Google algorithm changes will omnipresent for sure for the foreseeable future

1) Location Based Everything: Everyone knows about Uber and Lyft these days and those great apps are a direct result of great GPS and geolocation ability of smartphones. Geolocation is the new thing, especially with new phone technology allowing for amazing integration today. Just keep your eyes open because everything will be geolocated using your phone…everything! You’ll see!


Brand Motive’s new 100% Cloud Hosting!

I know it seems like we have been making a lot of announcements recently, but we have another big one. After much time, effort, stress, and with a ton of excitement that we want to announce our new 100% cloud SSD hosting services. We now offer a 100% cloud environment and completely Intel Enterprise managed!

All New SSD Storage: We wanted to be able to offer the fastest and most stable hosting solution possible and that meant that we need to be able to host on SSD or Solid State Drives. These SSD storage solutions make it so that your data loads 50x faster than traditional hosting, and our drives have zero moving parts…far less to ever go wrong!

Our Servers: Our servers feature a minimum of 24 Core CPUs and 96 -128 GB of RAM at minimum and are entirely Intel. Our hardware is all top of the line and designed specifically for cloud environments.

Maximum Uptime: We maintain 4 mirror copies of all of our accounts live in the cloud at all times and our 100% Intel Enterprise managed system automatically moves your service to another live version should there ever be a hardware failure. Our focus is fast, mission critical hosting services.

If you want more information about our new cloud and cloud hosting services, please feel free to visit our website for our hosting at, or contact us to move your hosting to Brand Motive!

The right content is beyond important today!

I know everyone is getting tired of hearing about “content” and how Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm has become heavily reliant upon fresh and frequent content! We the fact is, content has become more than important, it’s critical if you are serious about your SEO strategy.

As a business Brand Motive is known for helping our clients find those keywords that have lots of searches, to focus on. This obviously is the most efficient and data-driven means by which to focus your campaign. These keywords are obviously the targets with every campaign, but now days that backlinking strategy isn’t enough. Now we are spending lots of time and energy helping clients restructure content and realign content around keyword strategies in a much broader and more expanded manner. This site content is really important to be written with knowledge and with clear understanding of the product or service offered. Google’s new algorithm is quite intelligent and everyday learning and expanding so we are expanding to meet it for our client’s needs.

If you have any questions about Brand Motive’s SEO services, please feel free to reach out and talk with us. We are happy to explain anything that might not be 100% clear! SEO is the way to market your business locally, nationally or worldwide, and Brand Motive is here to help you master it!


All new 2014 BMA website is here!

Well it is true, we have an all new website as of June 2014 and we are quite excited. We have been quite busy recently and had planned to launch the new site for the second half of the year and have had a temporary site up until now. With that, please allow me to welcome you to the new site. Some things you might noticed are a more friendly and easier to use UI and UX has had a vast improvement.

We hope you love the new site just like we do and can’t wait for you all to give us your feedback on things! Enjoy the new BMA 2014 2.0 website!