Brand Motive Agency has been helping clients with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for almost 15 years now. We started out doing SEO when search engine optimization was still in it’s infancy. Ages ago SEO was almost entirely about “gaming” the system to get and hold rankings, but those days are long gone (that styles of SEO ended in 2010)! Today, SEO is done by carefully understanding your needs and your customer’s needs and developing a keyword strategy around phrases and regions where maximum conversion can take place. We learn about your business, then research your competition and develop an SEO strategy where we can gain your website’s┬áranking on Google/Bing/Yahoo etc. We do this using what is called “white hat” strategy and use all of the methods outlined by Google to ensure that your site is never in any harm of being penalized by Google which is exactly what many websites are suffering from today. Google has been using something called Panda (and update to their algorithm that was designed in part to stop cheating or “black hat” seo) to help ensure that they are delivering the best search results, but this means that if you had previously been conducting any SEO that doesn’t now fall under the new Panda guidelines, your site could be penalized or even delisted in certain cases. We are here to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you and get you ranked organically. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO, and if you have any questions about SEO please take a moment and watch this very informative video on how SEO works.